Saturday, April 10, 2010

That One Time When I Almost Died For A Penny

I remember one time when I was walking with Auntie Mary, Sarah, Daniel and Allyson. I was probably around 9 at the time, maybe even younger. We were somewhere in North Beach, heading back to the parking lot where we had left the car. As we were crossing the street I remember looking down and seeing a penny. I knelt down in the middle of the crosswalk and tried to pick the penny up, but couldn’t. I realized it must have been stuck in the asphalt, so I started to dig my nail underneath it to pry it up. Luckily Auntie Mary realized I wasn’t walking with them any more. She ran back into the street and grabbed my hand, but I still hadn’t been able to free the penny, so I resisted. Finally she told me we had to go and started to pull me up. I remember she said it with a bit of a half-laugh, but I figured she sounded serious enough so I finally relented and joined the rest of my cousins on the other side of the street.

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