Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Dream I Had

I remember having a dream the night after Grandma died. I dreamt that ngn ngn and I were sitting in a bar/restaurant. It looked and felt like the 1930’s. We were sitting peacefully, having drinks and chatting. Suddenly, several of the patrons turned into Japanese zombies (perhaps inspired by ngn ngn’s tales of the Japanese strafing her village when she was a child during the Sino-Japanese War). The Japanese quickly began attacking those of us who had not turned, including ngn ngn and I. A car that would now be considered a classic drove up just outside the restaurant and we saw through the window that the passenger was motioning for us to get in the car. Ngn ngn grabbed my hand and we both climbed on top of our table. We leapt from tabletop to tabletop, she leading the way and I following, with my hand still in hers. Though they clawed at us somehow the zombies weren’t fast enough to catch us. We eventually made it out the door and into the waiting car. I think it’s important to note that this dream was not a nightmare (despite the presence of zombies). I remember that it left me with a feeling of comfort and a confidence in my grandmother’s ability to always protect me.

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