Thursday, December 31, 2009

That One Time When Some Hick From Oregon Attacked Javier

One day Javier was taking over for the regular crossing guard. I first heard the honking through a window as I was leaving a class on the second floor. A gold-colored Mercedes SUV pulled up to the cross walk and Javier put out his sign, telling the guy to stop. He must have stopped a bit into the crosswalk because Javier told him to back up. The guy got pissed and was accusing Javier of hitting his car with the metal stop-sign he was wielding. I remember the guy’s plates were from Oregon, and later I asked my dad if there were hicks in Oregon. Apparently there are. I had no idea.
Anyway, this guy was pissed and got out of his car. He got in Javier’s face and starting yelling about how Javier and his people should learn English and whatnot. And this guy was big, probably around 6’2” or so, and really muscular. Javier was kind of a short guy and not particularly well built. Now this was right around when classes were ending so tons of Urban kids were exiting the building, only to find this confrontation immediately outside. Pretty soon we were all riled up and people were yelling things at the guy (we liked Javier, he was a nice guy). Some faculty were outside too, some were trying to calm the guy down while others were trying to keep us students from rushing the guy. I distinctly remember being quite angry and yelling some things at him, which probably didn’t help the situation. At some point the guy actually punched Javier and Javier retaliated by slicing the guy on his face with the stop-sign. Eventually I guess the guy decided this was going nowhere and got in his Mercedes and drove off. About a minute after he left the cops showed up, but I don’t think anyone pursued it.

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