Thursday, December 31, 2009

That One Time On The Way To School...

One morning my dad dropped me off for school on the corner of Masonic and Oak. I walked up the short hill and turned the corner, still groggy and not very aware of my surroundings. Suddenly a man walking at a brisk pace cut in front of me, and as my eyes followed him I realized something was wrong. I looked in the direction that he had come from and there was an ambulance. Then I looked back at him and saw him leaning over a girl who was sitting on the ground, wrapped in a blanket. I looked at her and she looked right back at me, just staring, and it was one of the most unsettling stares I had ever been met with. She was pale and there were dark purple circles around her eyes. She looked about 15 years old. I heard later that St. Agnes Church across the street ran a halfway house where she had been a resident. She had tried to commit suicide by jumping out of their second story window, but was unsuccessful.

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