Thursday, December 31, 2009

That One Time When The Pregnant Lady Couldn't Get Off The Bus

I remember one day when I was riding the bus through Chinatown when I got to witness a microcosm of race relations in San Francisco. It was a hot summer day and the bus was packed, as usual. The driver was an Asian man and there was a large African American woman standing close to me in the rear of the bus. She pulled the cord and began trying to push her way to the exit. The driver pulled in to the stop, allowed some people to get on and off, and then took off. Unfortunately, he hadn’t given the African American lady enough time to force her way to the door so she ended up missing her stop.
When the driver started to leave the stop she wanted the lady began yelling furiously at the driver, who had no qualms about yelling right back. They continued to argue as he drove, both of them yelling obscenities at each other. All the while other people where pulling the cord, looking to get off the bus. But the driver was so upset with how this African American lady was behaving he told her he’d just keep skipping stops, not letting her off the bus, until she stopped yelling, which only made her yell more. Everyone else on the bus was getting annoyed with this game, especially since some of them were missing their stops. Then all of a sudden the African American lady yells that she’s pregnant and needed to get to the hospital that was by now several stops back. The bus driver yelled that he didn’t care. Eventually he did stop though, and the lady got off the bus and started the long walk back to her original stop, muttering and shouting curses as she went.

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