Thursday, December 31, 2009

That One Time When That Guy Hit That Girl

One afternoon my friends and I were walking back from lunch on Haight Street. We passed a man asleep in his 80’s blue Toyota but didn’t think much of it. We were probably just 15 feet away when suddenly we heard a woman yelling. She was yelling at the man in the car, trying to get him to come out and confront her. I don’t recall exactly what they were arguing about but it had something to do with sex or love, and I think she felt betrayed by him. She was clearly very angry with him, but he wouldn’t get out of the car like she wanted. So she climbed onto the hood of his car and began kicking out his windshield with his high heels.
Well, this got his attention. He got out of the car and they continued to argue. She had gotten off of the car but they were still arguing, with her accusing him of various things and he not denying them. Suddenly he punched her right in the stomach, doubling her over. There was a dark green Mercedes that had stopped at the intersection, and when they saw the man hit the lady the two guys got out of their car and started telling the man to stop. Both were well dressed and spoke with Italian accents. By this time a large crowd of Urban students had gathered to watch all the commotion. Pretty soon the cops showed up. One was talking to the two Italian gentlemen and the man, while the other was with the woman. She was incredibly distraught and was lying in the middle of the intersection screaming, “Kill me! I want to die! Kill me!” The officer was trying to talk her down while at the same time directing traffic around her so her wish wouldn’t come true. At this point lunch was almost over so we all went back inside the school and went to class.

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