Sunday, January 31, 2010

How I Got That Scar On My Knee

Every summer our last fieldtrip for Daycamp would be to Coyote Point for a watergun fight and BBQ. During the summer between my 7th and 8th grade year my cousin Sarah was also one of my counselors. We had an all-star cast of counselors and it was definitely one of my favorite summers. Anyway, at Coyote Point she rushed me with a bucket full of water and, of course, I tried to escape. Unfortunately I ended up slipping on the wet asphalt and ended up scraping my knee pretty bad. After Sarah and Cliff helped me get all of the gravel out of the gash they put some gauze on it to stop the bleeding and then covered the gauze with a band-aid. When I got back to Uncle Wilson’s I checked on the wound and realized that it had begun to heal with the gauze still inside it. It looked like some kind of green mucus-y thing had enveloped a good portion of the gauze, getting deep into its mesh. Auntie Jeanie was there and helped me pull the gauze out, and then we replaced it with something that wouldn’t get incorporated into the flesh. I still have the scar and a lot of times people assume it’s from the time when I dislocated my knee, but nope!

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