Friday, March 26, 2010

That One Time When Nolan Taught Me How To Fold a Paper Airplane

I remember my first summer at daycamp, it was the summer before I would go to kindergarten. Technically I needed to be going into 1st grade to enroll, but they let me slide. If I remember correctly our group name was the Red Hot Flaming Skittles because our scarves were red. I had a counselor named Nolan who I thought was pretty cool. One morning he made a paper airplane that flew really well. I asked him if he would teach me how to make one and he said yes, but only because I wasn’t a girl. I was confused at first because I wasn’t sure if he was joking and I didn’t really know how I was supposed to react. Then another girl in the group came up to us and asked if he would teach her. He bluntly said “no.” I guess he wasn’t kidding.

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